Saturday, May 29, 2010



I was adopted as a 12 yr old Golden Oldie from @AWLQld & went on to become their Official Poster Boy.  I became a Global Multi Media Celebrity appearing regularly in Newspapers, Magazines, Television and Official Guest Appearances, representing Golden Oldies Globally.  I was famous for wearing Outfits everyday and accompanying Mum on her daily 6 mile run, where I would run on my paws and then ride in my Pram / Stroller as I needed to get my breath.  I made Prams COOL !  I was 18 yrs old and as fit as an 8 yr old doggie !  Then I joined Twitter and my Celebrity grew even more ! 
Unexpectedly I had a severe reaction to a medicine & spent 7 nights in an ICU Hospital, but then suffered a massive Stroke, which I survived.  Mum rushed me back to ICU, where I was PTS in Mum's arms.  All my Twitter Pals showed Mum & I love we will never forget !  Because of everyone's outpouring of love, we try and be there for other Pals when they too cross OTRB.

 While I am not there in body, my spirit lives on in my Mum's heart. 
Mum says:  "I love you Pepi *tears*  Life will never be the same ....." XXXXX


  1. Bittersweet, no truer words could be spoken. Pepi you are an inspiration to us all, and will live on in all of our hearts. Thank you

  2. Pepi, from the day I first met you, I knew you were a special doggie with a special purpose. You have helped so many before you went over the bridge, and now continue to help those in need. You will forever live in my heart dear one.

  3. I miss ma Pepi every single day and he will be in ma heart forever and a day! XXXXXXXXX

  4. I look forward to playing with you over the RB one day Pepi...i'm glad to know you will be there to welcome, me Ginger and Rockford someday. Thanks for finding your mom and giving her all those years of happiness.
    xox BigBoyBosco

  5. Oh, Pepi. I love you. I hope you, Otis and Eddie aren't being too wild over the RB.

  6. Pepi what a wonderfully handsome you are. We loved seeing the great photos of you. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals